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MDCC Athletic Facilities


The Jimmy Bellipanni Baseball Complex is the home of the Mississippi Delta Community College baseball team. In the recent past, the Bellipanni Complex has received numerous additions, with many more to come in the near future.

In fall 2018, the Trojans received a facelift behind the home plate area, as synthetic turf covered the entire grass collar area behind home plate.

Some of the other major facility updates that have occurred in the recent past include the following:

  • Outfield playing surface being redone, as over 150 tons of sand were brought in
  • New aluminum bleachers on the 3B side
  • Installed turf on the bullpen mounds & home plate areas on the 3B & 1B sides
  • Brought in a storage shed behind the 3B side
  • Cut out the 1B & 3B base lines
  • Re-painted the dugouts & railings and OF fence & decks in RF & LF
  • Indoor hitting facility

The baseball locker room is housed in the J.T. Hall Coliseum and includes wooden lockers, flat screen television and ping pong table.



J.T. Hall Coliseum serves as the game & practice court for the MDCC Trojans and Lady Trojans basketball teams.

Hall Coliseum received a major facelift in 2010 and is currently undergoing a redo of the entire roof. The coliseum also serves as the hosting place for banquets, ceremonies, graduation services and the like.

The multi-purpose facility also houses locker rooms for all five MDCC sports, the athletic weight room and classrooms for Health, Physical Education & Recreation classes.




Jim Randall Stadium is the game field for the Mississippi Delta Community College Trojans football team. The namesake of the stadium is Jim Randall, the legendary football coach at then-Sunflower Junior College for 27 years, when he won three state championships and was later elected to the MDCC Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

Randall Stadium features a recently-purchased scoreboard and a press box for visiting media and announcing crew. The field has served as the host for numerous junior college and high school games, including being the home of the 1993 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) championship team.

The Trojans also go about their day-to-day work on a practice field directly behind their locker room, which sits in the J.T. Hall Coliseum.



The Carl & Brenda Grubb Softball Complex serves as the home field for the Mississippi Delta Community College Lady Trojans softball program.

As part of recent renovations, the home and visiting teams now have dedicated turf bullpens, as well as freshly installed turf inside the batting cages on the 3B side, which houses the Lady Trojans. The program has also built a new custom batter's eye in center field and hung windscreens and pads on the outfield fence to continue to dress up & improve the Grubb complex.

Other projects include new dugouts on both the 1B and 3B sides, as well as installing a warning track in the outfield and refurbishing the current warning track down the foul lines and behind home plate. The program has also seen a renovation of the new backstop, custom landscaping around the field and the outfield grass being graded and sand capped.

The newly renovated MDCC softball locker room, which includes custom lockers, is housed in the J.T. Hall Coliseum.